Rose På Mölndal is an original brand that has been created through a joint design project between furniture design company Sunaga Co., Ltd. of Karuizawa and graphic design company Ateliertaik co., Ltd. of Tokyo. Thanks to their long history, the wallpapers produced by Sweden’s LIM & HANDTRYCK AB on its “Rose Machine”, a rotary printing machine that is now become a true rarity, embody extraordinary textures and elegant, beautiful colors unmatched by mass-produced modern materials.
This project started from an encounter with traditional wallpapers to which Japanese technology and materials were later added, ultimately resulting in a line of “Made in Sweden & Japan” products, including stationery, miscellaneous goods, and furniture. The product line is meant to evolve while it expands.

For product inquiries, please use the contact form or the contact information listed below.
Notebooks are also being sold wholesale. Please feel free to inquire.

<LIM & HANDTRYCK AB official sales representative in Japan>
Sunaga Co., Ltd.
Harunire-Terrace Hoshino Karuizawa-cho Nagano 389-0111 Japan
Tel: 0267-31-0737 Fax: 0267-31-0736
Mail: info@rosepamolndal.com

Ateliertaik Co., Ltd.
silhouette 104, 21-9 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062 Japan
Tel: 03-5454-9466 Fax: 03-5454-9488

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